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Built From the Ground Up

I remember it was about five years ago, when I got into fitness. I found Dana Linn Bailey, started following her and doing what I could do to have a body even remotely close to hers. I made my first Flag Nor Fail purchase, started hitting the gym harder and then wondering how I could become more involved with these amazing people and brands I had come to love so much. 



It was August of 2017, when I received an Instagram DM from Run Everything Labs. I had been using their products, and was loving them, for a while but what I saw next was extremely unexpected. The DM was someone from the company asking if I would be interested in become an athlete for them. I remember the excitement. I yelled at my husband "OH MY GOSH BABE..." The next day or two I signed a contract with them. 

Fast forward to March 2019, still an athlete for them, and in our facebook group they announce a contest. Whoever can write the best trainer (workout program) will be flown out to Montana, stay in Rob and Dana's Airbnb and get to film their trainer and they're going to add it to their site. 

I sent in my trainer, not knowing what to expect. But hopeful that I would be chosen. 

My husband and I were on a flight back to Florida, and I got a notification on my phone from facebook and I was tagged in something in the REL group. I was losing my mind. Because all I could see was CONGRA... I literally bought internet right then. I WON! My mind was racing, "what if its not good enough after all"' "what if people don't like it" Blah blah blah. However, SO very excited. 

Booked our flights and went to Montana April 17th. I was blown away by everything. I had been following and watching Rob and Dana for so many years, wanting to be more involved and now I finally get my shot. When I arrived, I was greeted by Jordan, their assistant. He hands me an itinerary and it reads "Film DLB daily". You guys, I was SCREAMING. I felt like all of the dedication and hard work was finally going to pay off. 

I have waited for years for this moment. To have someone believe in me so much that they are going to put something I MADE on their website. Sure, its free. But this is something I couldn't even dream up. 

I got to shoot for Flag Nor Fail, shot a video with Dana and created a really cool promo video for Run Everything Labs. Even if this is all I ever receive, I am happy. I am grateful. 

I am not boasting about this. That isn't the point. The point is this:

You're going to work really really hard to get what you want. It might take you days but it might also take you years. DO NOT GIVE UP. There will be days when you feel like giving up and crying. Don't. Keep going. Keep pushing. No matter what your goals are, this is the secret to hit them. Failure is going to happen. Fear is going to happen. Doesn't matter. You can push through it all. 



If you're interested in downloading the free BUILT trainer, follow this link. 


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