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Do you need supplements to get in shape?

This question might be obvious to some of you. But honestly, I get this question often. I think that because I’m a sponsored athlete with a supplement company, and I am always talking about supplements, I am stating that you need them. 

Here’s the truth. You don’t. Supplements are exactly that. Just a way to supplement your needed proteins, aminos or creatine. 

Even though I am with Run Everything Labs, I will never tell you that you need them.

If you’re taking a fat burner, that's great and it's going to help BUT you still have to put in the work at the gym AND in the kitchen. Supplements are NOT magic. 

Here’s what I suggest. If you’re not getting enough protein, take a protein supplement. If you want extra energy or focus at the gym, take a pre-workout. But only spend the money on these items if you’re actually going to put in the work. 

When Run Everything Labs asked me to become one of their athletes, I was excited. Not only because I love Dana and Rob, but because I had been using their supplements and I actually liked the taste, ingredients and they actually worked for me. I had tried copious amounts of pre-workout since I have been in the gym and I never found "the one" until I tried REL. 

Whatever you decide to take, if anything, be sure to check ingredients and such. You don't want to be adding a bunch of weird chemicals to your body if you don't have to. 

Below I will list my top 4 favorite supplements from REL just to show you my preferences. If there is something I didn't cover and you're a curious Cathy, just shoot me a quick message and I will for sure get back to you! 



The supplements I use the most are: 

Whey PRO protein - vanilla milkshake

- I like to have a protein shake before and sometimes after the gym. I mix with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and water. TASTES SO GOOD!

EWP Lite - apple berry 

- This is perfect for 20 minutes before your workout. You’ll notice energy, stamina, focus, great taste and no crash. AGAIN, THE FLAVOR IS AMAZING!

DTE - peach tea 

- Looking for an appetite suppressant? Focus? Thermogenic? This is going to be perfect for you. 

STW - rocket pop 

- This is probably one of the only supplements I have tried that ACTUALLY gives me a pump in the gym. Stimulant free so it’s perfect to stack with EWP or DTE. 


Here is the link to purchase if you're interested:

Make sure to use promo code Tiffany15 and you'll save some $$!

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