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10 Holiday Healthy Eating Tips


As the holidays come around, anxiety levels rise and there are so many "bad" things around us. Bad as in, these things should be eaten in moderation. These 10 tips will help you get through the holidays and keep you on track to hit your goals! 


10 Holiday Healthy Eating Tips

1. Eat your veggies: I am always doing my best to get in my vegetables, even though I'd rather eat donuts. I am always trying to fill half of my plate with vegetables. If for some reason, there isn't any or you're not sure if they're being served, bring a dish! Something non-starchy is always best. 


2. Veggies part 2: Eat them first. I know that the turkey, ham, pie and cookies look the best. But before you indulge in anything else, eat the veggies before you get too full and then you can't eat them. (Also, volume, fiber and lots of nutrients)


3. Savor all the bites: This is by far the hardest thing for me personally. Eating slow is not really in my vocabulary. BUT it takes our brains about 20 minutes to realize we are full. (And by that time I am usually in a food coma realizing that mistakes were made.) Basically, just pace yourself.


4. No skipping meals: A super popular strategy for holiday eating is not eating the entire day before your "big meal". This is a disaster waiting to happen. When you do this, you're most likely going to completely overeat and most likely you'll end up quite miserable. 


5. Eat the things you love: Most of us will eat whatever is in front of our faces, just because it's there. This is when its time to ask yourself, "Do I love this or am I just eating to eat?" 


6. Water & Alcohol: Most people like to enjoy a drink or 5 during those holiday parties. One thing you can do so you don't overdo all of those sugary calories is to alternate between water and your favorite drink. This will also help you not get obliterated. 


7. Food comas: This one is tough. After eating a full meal, you're going to want to sit or maybe even lay down. Don't give in. Try to keep your body in movement after the meal. This is also shown to help digestion. (Give me all the digestion after a massive meal.)


8. Get moving: Day of your event, it's especially important to get in some physical activity. Whatever it may be. Gym, take a walk, shoveling snow or maybe even ice skating with the family. 


9. To dessert or not to dessert: Enjoy your day. Enjoy a cookie or piece of pie. But make sure to be mindful. (This may be the hardest for most.) Remember, moderation is key. 


10. Be guilt free: Feeling guilty after a hefty meal is something we all do. Don't let it get to you! Make sure to enjoy your time but don't let that one meal turn into three meals or three weeks of overeating.


It's okay to be human, go to parties, have desserts and a couple drinks. It's important to live your life. Don't let the guilt take over. 


Remember, you're always one meal away from getting back on track. 


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