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Overcoming Obstacles

I bet that you've been in a place in life where you thought everything was against you. Nothing was going your way. Life was miserable. 

Did you ever think that maybe it was just an obstacle that you needed to get over? Or did you use those times as a learning experience?

I did, but it took me years to get through those obstacles. The best part of all of those things I went through made me strong, relentless and I learned more than I ever thought I would.

Here's my story and how I overcame some massive obstacles:

I was raised in a middle class-ish family. We had all the basic necessities but we for sure were not living large. My mom and dad both worked full time. I was raised with manners and love. When I was 16, I started to act out. I was your classic teenager, but as I turned 17 things got much worse. I started doing drugs. Not smoking pot but my drug of choice was meth. At first, it wasn't an everyday thing. It was more of a hobby. (That's how I saw it at the time.) Then, it quickly became an addiction. Every few hours I needed my fix. I wasn't in control anymore. I started stealing, I lost everything I owned and then I became homeless. I was literally living in a tent, in the cold. There were so many days when I prayed I just didn't wake up. It was so dark, I felt so lost and so extremely hopeless. 

This went on for SO long. Three years of my life WASTED. I had not only lost all of my belongings, but myself. "Who am I?" I would ask myself. "How did I let it get like this?" But I was so addicted at that time, I didn't think there was hope. 

I don't really know what happened on this particular day, but I woke up. Not woke up from actual sleep, but more like woke up from this terrible dream that I had been living for so long. The dark fog had lifted and I knew what had to be done. I knew that if I didn't get sober, I was going to die. Either from the drugs, or because I was going to take my own life. Scared, hopeless, sad, lifeless and addicted. That is what I knew I had to change. And I did. That day. 

I quit. I quit cold turkey. There was no rehab, there was no help. I did it on my own because I knew I had to. 

One feeling that I got from being high everyday was self esteem. Let me explain what I mean...

I had always been the "bigger" girl. I was a tad chubby and I hated the way I looked. People seemed to make comments about it often. When I was doing meth, I lost a ton of weight. I was TINY. So, when I looked in the mirror I felt good, because I was no longer that short chubby girl that I used to be. 

So, when I quit, I knew I was going to have to make a change so I didn't end up overweight again. After I had been sober for a couple weeks, I started working out. I started small. When I began this fitness journey, I was in my bedroom and I started with body weight squats and lunges and then added some sit ups in. I could literally see the changes start to happen. It didn't happen overnight but I knew if I could continue this journey, I would feel that feeling again. The feeling of "happy with my body".

A few months after that, I started doing the p90x home program. And let me tell you it was HARD. I hadn't ever done anything like that before. But I was so damn happy to see that the hard work was paying off. 

After I got more comfortable with different moves, I got my first gym membership. I was pretty embarrassed in the beginning because I didn't know how to use the weights or machines like the other people at the gym did. But I kept going. I kept working, learning and most of all failing. I quickly learned that the failure was teaching me so much. I had failed so much at life already and learned how NOT to live life. That I knew learning how to use some gym equipment wouldn't be that bad. 

After this first gym membership, I got a job at a gym and I was so grateful for that opportunity because I learned even more. 

Now I am "addicted" to the feeling of working out. Hitting PR's, learning new things and creating new recipes and workouts. 

Fitness literally saved my life. 

Moral of the story, you CAN overcome the obstacles you have in your life. Sometimes it seems impossible or that its just "too hard." Please don't ever give up. Please work hard, stay relentless and never ever say the word "can't". Because you can. 

I would love to hear your obstacles and how you're living everyday to overcome them. 


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