Raze Energy Drink Review – Tiffany Casequin

Raze Energy Drink Review

Hey everyone! 

So, as some of you know I live in the Orlando area. I was asked by the Raze Energy brand to come by and check out their products and their production.

Warehouse was so cool! They literally do it all! Mix,can & package! 

Energy drinks are my jam. Especially ones that are calorie free, so I was super excited to try them. 

They have a flavor called sour gummy worms and THIS IS THE ONE! I was impressed & now my fridge is full of them. 

I noticed right away that the flavor was a true flavor and not just a weird chemical taste. No crash and sugar free. Definitely give them a try!

If you’re ready to give it a try I have a 25% discount for you! Tiffany25 at checkout! Raze Energy  

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