SOUR STRIPS REVIEW- Best Sour Candy I have ever had – Tiffany Casequin


If you have spent anytime on Instagram then I am guessing you have seen these new "Actual Candy Sour Strips". 
No this isn't a paid review and no I am not technically sponsored by them. Just an honest review. 
I am a lover of sour candy. Like, my jam is a massive bag of SourPatch Kids and Ill usually eat them until the top of my mouth is completely trashed and sore. Chocolate isn't my thing, so I was pretty excited when they said they would send me a box to try. 
First box was four flavors, and I thought mango would be my favorite. And it was. Until the newest flavor came out, Green Apple. 
Not only is this candy super addicting, perfectly sour and the best addition to your candy stash but also the macros honestly aren't too bad. 
They do sell out pretty quick, is the only thing. So, if you like sour candy I think this is the best sour candy I have ever had. 

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